The Chuncaster comes home for a quick tune up

It was a nice surprise visit to see The Chuncaster, our first guitar that went on stage, back for a visit this week for a little tune up. This guitar went to my brother Tristan who is in the band IKARI, and as such this guitar has seen action both in the recording studio and on stage, so whilst Tristan was dropping past to look at our latest builds we took time to see how things were bedding in.


Although when you ship a guitar you think you've done everything right, and when you receive the guitar you might think all is great, it's really only over time that a guitar settles in and any small niggles may appear. One thing Tristan noted was that the action by the nut was a little tight on on some more recent Ikari tunes this was notable, so we took the guitar into the shop and took the nut height down to make it more comfortable.


We also went over other bits and checked everything was still nice and tight and gig worthy. In the end Tristan left pleased with the changes, and I look forward to getting an update as to how it plays after the next few outings. Guitars, just like anything, take time to bed in and get used to, so occasional servicing is recommended, and it's always nice to hear the tales of how an instrument has been used since it left the stable :)