Buy a custom prototype!

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I've been researching a new guitar build workflow, and am about to build a couple of prototype t-style guitars as part of the process. But it's always more fun to build a guitar for a player than in abstract, and to know that the end result is going to a good home, so I'm going to offer these next two guitars at pretty much cost if you order in the next couple of weeks: you get a custom guitar built for you at a low price, and I get some money to cover the build and the fun of making an instrument for someone whilst I refine my production workflow.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.40.05.png

The guitar will be a hand built t-style body with hand built 21-fret neck, but you can specify:

  • Type of t-style you'd like: regular tele, thinline, deluxe, etc.
  • Type of wood for the body & neck (though I can recommend/select options if you're unsure)
  • Pickups to suit your style of music (or just tell me your style and I'll select pickups to match for you)
  • You can go for basic hardware to keep costs down, or we can go full on with professional grade bridges/tuners
  • Your choice of natural oil finish or colour stained before oiling.
  • Feel free to suggest other extras like a bigsby wiggle stick, etc.

For this I'll charge parts plus 20%, so for very basic materials that'll come to about £650, or with added bling probably around £1000. But for that money you'll be getting a custom guitar that would normally cost three or more times the price.


If you're in Cambridge and would like to see and play the existing prototypes, then get in touch and we can arrange a demo session, otherwise, see my demo videos over on the build page to get an idea of what you'll be getting.

This offer will be limited to two guitars though, and once those slots are booked I'll be charging notably more for the production units, so get in touch now if you want a bargain!