Rediscovering that first guitar

Whilst I’ve no intention to switching to vlogging on a regular basis over blogging here, working with musical instruments means there are times when words aren’t enough: I want to let you hear things not just read about them. To help with that I just recently got a proper amp mic to help me capture better the sounds I want to share at times, and this video is a quick first test of that new kit. I got into guitar building because the guitar I’ve owned since university wasn’t making me happy, but recently I found a niche where it does a particular sound better than anything else I have, which means I’ve got back into playing it, and I wanted to share that.

Between dropping the guitar to Eb and pairing it with a much better amp than it’s ever been put through before, the guitar is now getting regular play for the first time since I started building my own guitars. It’s not good for everything I want to play, but it’s nice to have a spot in the range of things I play where it gets some use rather than being a bulky memento to my university days.