The Blues Deluxe: a fully custom t-style deluxe voiced for vintage blues

Following on from our post on the Red Rocker guitar recently, I'd like to introduce it's sibling, The Blues Deluxe. The Blues Deluxe is literally cut from the same planks as the Red Rocker, but those same bits of wood have generated a very different sounding and looking guitar: vintage blues sounds coming from a modern looking Tele Deluxe style build.


The aim behind this build was to take the formula of the proceeding guitars and mix it up style and functionality wise. The looks is very untraditional, from the striking tiger orange ash body with a black and white contrasting motif on the front and the strap, along with the distinctive spalted tamarind fingerboard. Sound wise, we have one foot in classic early 50s blues and another in the more rocky 60s blues thanks to some amazing pickups from House of Tone.

If you'd like your own guitar like this, voiced and styled to your personal tastes, then drop us a line!